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Agrokomplex Ltd.

The company was established on 28 September 1992 by Mr. Josef Douša and his son. After the break-up of the Verneřice State Farm, the company bought the existing equipments, buildings and livestock.
The company also took the majority of employees, some of them have been working in the company to this day.
The Agrokomplex Ltd. seats and operates in Verneřice. The area of Verneřice Municipality is included in the Bohemian Central Uplands protected landscape area, with all the lands on which the company farms today lying here.

Certification Certifikace BIO

In order to keep the quality of the agricultural production, in 2008 the company entered the transient period to get certificates on ecological agriculture. Currently all the plant and livestock production has been certified as BIO. Agrokomplex Ltd. is a typical family business taking care for traditional agricultural production and ecologically sound farming on lands in this area.
All the activities in the company have been divided base on their character into the agricultural and non-agricultural activity.
Company structure


Our products received regional food label

august 1, 2012

Two of our butcher products have received one of the best awards – regional food.
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